Questions to Ask Your Anesthesia Professional

  1. What type of anesthesia do you recommend for my procedure and why?
  2. What may I expect as after effects of anesthesia?
  3. May I share what matters and concerns me most about anesthesia?
  4. What are special anesthesia considerations for my specific medical conditions?
  5. Should I expect pain during recovery from this procedure, how will we handle it and what options are available?
  6. Do your recommendations change because of my specific medical history with pain management? ( e.g., a specific medicine does not work for me, I am very sensitive to all medications)
  7. Will anesthesia affect my cognitive functioning (brain function and memory), what might I expect and what can I do to help?
  8. What should I NOT do before anesthesia and surgery?
  9. What medications should I take and what medications should I not take before surgery?
  10. What else can I do to help myself be strong and fit for anesthesia and surgery?
  11. Who will be on my anesthesia team and what is the experience and qualifications of the team?

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