RAPID Response to questions from readers

(formerly Dear SIRS)

Absorbent Wrapper Design Questioned

APSF Newsletter, Winter 2005

Editor’s Note: Although Dr. Wright may have later determined the manufacturer of the product in question, the Editors subsequently located at least 2 additional reports of circuit obstruction by unwrapped…

Dear SIRS Making a Difference

APSF Newsletter, Fall 2005

Recently, I was about 15 minutes into a case with the patient on the ventilator, and several alarms went off, all of the lights on the ventilator lit up, and…

Descending Bellows Drives Question

APSF Newsletter, Summer 2005

We are currently evaluating new anesthesia machines for purchase. One of the models is a 2005 Datascope Anestar model. It has a hanging bellows. The company states that the hanging…

Cause of Ventilator Failure is Unclear

APSF Newsletter, Spring 2005

We would like to report an incident of anesthesia machine failure with possible patient safety implications. After the induction and intubation of an 8-year-old female and during the sterile skin…

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