RAPID Response to questions from readers

(formerly Dear SIRS)

Can Soda Lime Canisters Spread MRSA?

APSF Newsletter, Spring 2007

A question has come up that no one seems to be able to answer. It pertains to the possible spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the operating room. Should…

Reader Seeks Standards for Equipment Check

APSF Newsletter, Winter 2006

I am a retired member of the ASA. I am involved in Q/A in the Department of Anesthesia of Lenoir Memorial Hospital in Kinston, NC. We have found that there…

Is an In-line Oxygen Monitor Still Necessary

APSF Newsletter, Fall 2006

I am medical director of a free-standing surgery center. One of our anesthesia machines has a non-functioning O2 sensor. We have an older Ohmeda Excel 110. Our biomedical person claims…

Line Isolation Still Important

APSF Newsletter, Summer 2006

Has there been a change in the recommended use of line isolation monitors? We had an alarm today and we were told by our engineering department to essentially ignore it,…

Channeling Causes Concern

APSF Newsletter, Spring 2006

The APSF has received a report of a hypercarbic patient condition during the use of AMSORB¨ PLUS (Armstrong Medical Limited, Northern Ireland), detected through capnography and confirmed by arterial blood…

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