LTA Tip Breaks in Patient’s Airway

APSF Newsletter, October 2018

Anesthesia equipment malfunction may contribute to increased patient morbidity and mortality. We present a complication resulting from an accidental break in the Laryngotracheal Analgesia Device (International Medical Systems (IMS) Lidocaine…

Defective Pediatric Endotracheal Tubes (ETTs)

APSF Newsletter, June 2018

I am writing to report a case of a defective pediatric endotracheal tube (ETT) that has implications for patient safety. A 14-day-old infant was induced intravenously for a sternal wound…

“No Read” Errors Related to Prefilled Syringes

APSF Newsletter, June 2018

Prefilled syringes provide considerable benefit to anesthesia professionals including sterility, convenience, affordability, and perceived safety.1 At our institution, we use syringes from multiple manufacturers and have realized several of the…

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