RAPID Response and the APSF Mission

APSF Newsletter, October 2020

In the spring of 2004, the APSF Newsletter published a groundbreaking article entitled “Misplaced Valve Poses Potential Hazard” as the inaugural contribution to the Dear SIRS (now RAPID Response) column….

Perils and Pitfalls With the Rapid Infusion Catheter (RIC)

APSF Newsletter, February 2020

Dear Rapid Response: Introduction The rapid infusion catheter (RIC) is a device used to convert standard peripheral intravenous (PIV) access into a large-volume resuscitation portal.1 The placement of this large-bore…

An Incident of GlideScope® Stat Cover Failure

APSF Newsletter, February 2020

Dear Rapid Response: GlideScope® Stat Tip Breaks in Patient’s Airway I would like to present a scenario in which the tip of a disposable GlideScope® Stat cover inadvertently broke off…

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