Managing Luer Connections

APSF Newsletter, October 2021

Named after German instrument maker, Hermann Luer, Luer fittings are among the earliest medical fittings designed to provide leak-free connections between syringes and needles and maintain a continuous lumen…

The “Luer” of a Simple Device

APSF Newsletter, October 2021

Luer connectors are ubiquitous in patient care and generally serve the purpose for which they were designed—to allow caregivers to quickly make a leak-free connection and maintain a continuous lumen…

Fire Extinguisher in the Operating Room

Articles Between Issues:June 1, 2021

I am writing to inquire about requirements for fire extinguishers in the operating room. Is it a requirement that each operating room have its own fire extinguisher located in the room?

Laryngoscope Hook Poses Safety Issue

APSF Newsletter, June 2021

I would like to present a case of lower lip injury in a patient during intubation associated with the design of a Macintosh laryngoscope blade (BritePro Solo™, Flexicare Inc., Irvine, CA). The patient was a 75-year-old male who was scheduled for a urologic procedure. He was intubated smoothly with a 7.5 endotracheal tube (ETT) using…

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