RAPID Response to questions from readers

(formerly Dear SIRS)

Lightwand-Guided Intubation: How Long is the Stylet?

APSF Newsletter, June 2019

Dear Rapid Response: Lighted stylets are an important component of the ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm.1 Particularly useful in patients with blood or secretions in the airway, lightwands are also helpful…

Humidity Levels in ORs

APSF Newsletter, June 2019

Dear Rapid Response: At our institution, we recently encountered an issue with our HVAC system that left the operating room humidity at approximately 70%. Our operating rooms were closed because…

Monitoring Gaps

APSF Newsletter, June 2019

Dear Rapid Response: The American Society of Anesthesiologists standards for basic anesthetic monitoring require that all patients receiving an anesthetic have arterial blood pressure monitored, at a minimum frequency of…

Volatile Anesthetic Unintentionally Not Delivered

APSF Newsletter, October 2018

My hospital had three incidents in the last four years that may be related to volatile anesthetics unintentionally not being delivered to the patient. After each of these incidents we…

Defective Central Venous Catheter Introducer Needle

APSF Newsletter, October 2018

We are writing to describe an incident we experienced involving a central line kit that has implications for patient safety. The case involved a 70-year-old morbidly obese patient scheduled for…

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