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Merck & Company
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GE Healthcare
Masimo Foundation
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The Doctors Company Foundation
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Medical Protective (

Corporate Level Donor ($500 to $999)
Paragon Service (
Wolters Kluwer (

Participating Associations ($1,000 and above)
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Research Foundation
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Anesthesia Practice Management Companies

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(includes Anesthesia Groups, Individuals, Specialty Organizations, and State Societies)
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Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists
American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
American Society for Health System Pharmacists
Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor
Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts

Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists
Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists
Frank B. Moya, MD, Continuing Education Programs
Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists
Valley Anesthesiology Foundation
Travis Wolther (USAP)
Sustaining Sponsor ($2,000 to $4,999)
Academy of Anesthesiology
American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists
Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists
Kansas City Society of Anesthesiologists
Madison Anesthesiology Consultants (in memory of Drs. Bill and Hoffman)
Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists
Michiana Anesthesia Care
Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists

Michael D. Miller, MD
New York State Society of Anesthesiologists
North Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists
Old Pueblo Anesthesia Group
Society of Academic Anesthesiology Associations
Springfield Anesthesia Service at Baystate Medical Center
Robert K. Stoelting, MD
Mary Ellen and Mark A. Warner
Contributing Sponsor ($750 to $1,999)
Affiliated Anesthesiologists of Oklahoma City, OK
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Research Foundation
American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses
Anesthesia Associates of Columbus, GA
Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City
Anesthesia Consultants Medical
Douglas A. Bartlett
Casey D. Blitt, MD
Raymond J. Boylan, Jr., MD
Sorin J. Brull, MD
California Society of Anesthesiologists
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Caplan
Frederick W. Cheney, MD
Connecticut State Society of Anesthesiologists
Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cordes
District of Columbia Society of Anesthesiologists
Deborah J. Culley, MD
David S. Currier, MD
Michael Dupuy, MD
John H. Eichhorn, MD
Gerald Feldman
David M. Gaba, MD
Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists
James D. Grant, MD
Steven B. Greenberg, MD
Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD (Pierce Research Fund)
Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists
Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists
Kaiser Permanente Nurse Anesthetists Association (KPNAA)
James J. Lamberg, DO
Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists
Lorri A. Lee, MD
Anne Marie Lynn, MD
MD Anderson Center

Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists
Nebraska Society of Anesthesiologists
Northwest Anesthesia Physicians
Ohio Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists
Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologists
Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists
Frank J. Overdyk, MSEE, MD (in honor of Robert K. Stoelting, MD)
Srikanth S. Patankar, MD
A. William Paulsen, PhD, AA-C
James M. Peeple, MD
Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Physician Specialists in Anesthesia (Atlanta, GA)
Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists
Carol E. Rose, MD
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Society for Airway Management
Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia
Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Patient Safety and Education Fund
South Dakota Society of Anesthesiologists
South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists
Spectrum Medical Group of
Portland, ME
Stockham-Hill Foundation
Tejas Anesthesia
Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Texas Society of Anesthesiologists
TCAA-AAPA Division
Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists
Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists

Sponsor ($200 to $749)
Anesthesia Associates of Northwest Dayton, Inc.
Shane Angus, AA-C
Donald E. Arnold, MD
Balboa Anesthesia Group
Robert L. Barth, MD
Marilyn Barton (in memory of
Darrell Barton)
Amanda R. Burden, MD
Michael P. Caldwell, MD
Keith J. Chamberlin, MD
Lillian K. Chen, MD
Joan M. Christie, MD
Marlene V. Chua, MD
Daniel J. Cole, MD
Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists
Charles E. Cowles, MD
Glenn DeBoer, MD
John K. Desmarteau, MD
Andrew E. Dick, MD
Peggy G. Duke, MD
Marcel E. Durieux, PhD, MD
Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA
Stephen B. Edelstein, MD
Jan Ehrenwerth, MD
Michael R. England, MD
Cynthia A. Ferris, MD
Florida Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
Dragos Galusca, MD
Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists
William P. Gibson, MD
Ian J. Gilmour, MD
Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation
Richard Gnaedinger, MD
Joel G. Greenspan, MD
John C. Guevara, MD
Allen N. Gustin, MD
Laura L. Hammel, MD
Raafat S. Hannallah, MD
Timothy N. Harwood, MD
Gary R. Haynes, MD
John F. Heath, MD
James S. Hicks, MD
Simon C. Hillier, MD
Glen E. Holley, MD
Steven K. Howard, MD
Joseph A. Hyder, MD, PhD
Kenward B. Johnson, MD
Kansas State Society of Anesthesiologists
Tom C. Krejcie, MD
Gopal Krishna, MD
Catherine M. Kuhn, MD
Cathleen Peterson-Layne, MD, PhD
Paul G. Lee, MD
Kevin and Janice Lodge
Michael K. Loushin, MD
Philip and Christine Lumb
Alfred E. Lupien, PhD, CRNA
Maine Society of Anesthesiologists
Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists
Edwin Mathews, MD

Timothy McCall
Russell K. McAllister, MD
Gregory B. McComas, MD
Sharon M. Merker, MD
Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists
Missouri Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
Roger A. Moore, MD
Robert C. Morell, MD
Soe Myint, MD
Joseph J. Naples, MD
John B. Neeld, MD (in honor of Robert K. Stoelting, MD)
Nevada State Society of Anesthesiologists
New Hampshire Society of Anesthesiologists
New Jersey State Society of Anesthesiologists
New Mexico Society of Anesthesiologists
Mark C. Norris, MD
Michael A. Olympio, MD
Docu Onisei, MD
Susan K. Palmer, MD
John L. Pappas, MD
Stephen D. Parker, MD
Mukesh K. Patel, MD
Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Lee S. Perrin, MD
Drs. Beverly and James Philip
Tian Hoe Poh, MD
Richard C. Prielipp, MD
Neela Ramaswamy, MD
Mark Ramirez, MD
Christopher Reinhart, CRNA
Jennifer Root, MD
Jo Ann and George Schapiro
Sanford H. Schaps, MD
Stephen J. Skahen, MD
Jan Smith
Dr. David Solosko and Ms. Sandra Kniess
Spiro Spankis, MD
Ronald S. Stevens, DO
Steven L. Sween, MD
James F. Szocik, MD
Joseph W. Szokol, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Thomas
University of Maryland Anesthesiology Associates
Andrea Vannucci, MD
Drs. Maria and Frederick van Pelt
Susan A Vassallo, MD (in honor of Neelakantan Sunder, MD)
Sandhya Rani Vinta, MD
Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists
Joyce A. Wahr, MD
Thomas L. Warren, MD
WebMD (in honor of Robert C. Morell, MD, and Richard C. Prielipp MD)
Matthew B. Weinger, MD
Andrew Weisinger, MD
James M. West, MD
Wichita Anesthesiology, Chartered
G. Edwin Wilson, MD
Philip J. Zitello, MD
Ronald L. Katz Family Foundation
Jonathan D. Griswold, MD
In Memoriam
In memory of W. Darrell Burnham, MD (Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists)
In memory of Diana Davidson, CRNA (Medtronic)
In memory of Jerry A. Dorsch, MD (Susan Dorsch)
In memory of Donna M. Holder, MD (Karen P. Branam, MD)
In memory of Paul C. Kidd, MD (Texas Society of Anesthesiologists)
In memory of Russell Morrison, CRNA (Jeanne M. Kachnij, CRNA)
In memory of Ellison C. Pierce, Jr., MD (Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD)
In memory of William Roady, MD (James S. Hicks)
In memory of Jack D. Stringham, MD (Gregory Peterson, MD)
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