February 2017 APSF Newsletter, The Official Journal of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation


APSF President Robert K. Stoelting, MD: ATribute to 19 Years of Steadfast Leadership

Conflict in the Operating Room: Impact on Patient Safety: Report from the ASA 2016 Annual Meeting’s APSF Workshop

Large Anesthesia Groups/Practice Management Companies Discuss the Impact of Production Pressures on Patient Safety with APSF Leaders

Immediate Past President’s Report Highlights Accomplishments of 2016

Distractions in the Anesthesia Work Environment: Impact on Patient Safety

Distractions in the Operating Room: An Anesthesia Professional’s Liability?

2016 National Geriatric Surgical Initiatives

TAKE THE SURVEY! Hospital Power Failure: A Safety Hazard

2017 EC Pierce Lecture: Safety Beyond Our Borders

The Anesthesia Professional’s Role in Patient Safety During TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement)


Introducing the New President of APSF

Save the Date!


2017 APSF Grant Recipients

Medtronic Grant

Invitation to Submit
and Deadline for January 1, 2018, APSF Grant

Request for Applications (RFA) for the Safety Scientist Career Development Award (SSCDA)

New Grant Announcement

Letters to the Editor:

Don’t Forget the Routine Endotracheal Tube Cuff Check!

Error in Inhaled Nitric Oxide Setup Results in “No Delivery of iNO”

Air Leak in a Pediatric Case—Don’t Forget to Check the Mask!


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—Featured Article—

APSF President Robert K. Stoelting, MD
A Tribute to 19 Years of Steadfast Leadership

Any startup organization has a critical test of sustainability when it makes its first leadership transition. The APSF had the experience in 1997 when our beloved founder and leader, Dr. Jeep Pierce, passed on the reins of his Presidency to the first successor. Jeep had the proverbial big shoes to fill. Who could take on that role and not only sustain, but grow our vital yet still adolescent band of anesthesia patient safety advocates?... [more]

Conflict in the Operating Room: Impact on Patient Safety Report from the ASA 2016 Annual Meeting’s APSF Workshop

The APSF Board of Directors Workshop entitled “Conflict in the Operating Room: Impact on Patient Safety” was held on Saturday, October 22, 2016, at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, IL. This workshop used six actual case scenarios (Table 1) to trigger discussions and reflections on the very real, negative impact that conflicts between personnel in the perioperative period can have... [more]



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Introducing New APSF President
Mark A. Warner, MD

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2017 APSF Grant Recipients

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Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

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Stoelting Conference Perioperative Handoffs: 
Achieving Consensus on How to Get it Right

September 6, 2017

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Request for Applications (RFA) for the
Safety Scientist Career Development Award (SSCDA)



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