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Preventing Pediatric Transfusion-Associated Incidents of Hyperkalemic Cardiac Arrest

A Wake Up Safe Quality Improvement Initiative

ADr. William Paulsen

In the past 4 years, 7 cases of cardiac arrest or near-cardiac arrest associated with hyperkalemia during massive transfusion—of which 3 cases were associated wtih hyperkalemia and the remaining 4 cases were suspected of having hyperkalemia—have been reported to Wake Up Safe, a Quality Improvement Initiative of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia. Wake Up Safe is a Patient Safety Organization that hosts a registry of serious adverse events among the now 25 pediatric hospitals that participate. The case profiles submitted were as follows: an infant undergoing myelomeningocele repair; an infant undergoing resection of an abdominal tumor; a premature neonate undergoing resection of sacrococcygeal teratoma; an infant undergoing sagittal synostectomy for craniosynostosis; a neonate undergoing resection of a facial mass; a child undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass support; a teenager in extremis undergoing emergency exploratory laparotomy for free air. .... [more]

Mixed Simulators: Seamlessly Integrating Physical and Virtual Simulation for Training in Procedural Skills and Safety

Simulation has become an accepted component of education and training in health care to the point that a formative simulation session is now a part of the high-stakes Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) exam. The APSF played an influential and seminal role in the development of mannequin patient simulators (physical simulation) through steering the nascent anesthesia-centric mannequin patient simulator designs at Stanford University and the University of Florida to include vital signs such as breath and heart sounds...[more]


Medication Safety in the Operating Room:
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Prevention and Management of Operating Room Fires

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