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The Official Journal of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

Volume 22, No. 1, Circulation 81,489

Spring 2007
President's View of the Future Newsletter Revisited Report of the Education and Technology Committee Report on Committee Technology

ASPF and A&A

The APSF is very pleased to announce our new relationship with "Anesthesia & Analgesia" (A&A).

A&A is now the Official Scientific Journal of the APSF.

Dr. Sorin J. Brull, Chair of the Scientific Evaluation Committee, has been selected Section Editor of the new Patient Safety Section of A&A.

We are grateful to Dr. Steve Shafer, Editor of A&A and the Trustees of the IARS for sharing our vision and facilitating this initiative.


Supports APSF Research
APSF gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution of $100,000 from Merck toward the funding ($150,000) of a 2008 APSF Research Grant that will be designated the APSF/Merck Research Award



The Official Journal of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

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Robert C. Morell, MD, Editor; Sorin J. Brull, MD; Joan Christie, MD; Jan Ehrenwerth, MD; John H. Eichhorn, MD; Lorri A. Lee, MD ; Rodney C. Lester, PhD, CRNA; Glenn S. Murphy, MD; Denise O'Brien, MSN, RN; Karen Posner, PhD; Andrew F. Smith, MRCP FRCA; Wilson Somerville, PhD; Jeffery Vender, MD.

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