Trainee Quality Improvement (TQI) Program Award Winners


Resident Physician Anesthesiologists – First Place

Intraoperative Cephazolin Redosing – Practice Review and Improvement

Drs. D. Wong, G. Kim, and K. Breidenbach from Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center

The video describes a review and process improvement in their practice of administering preoperative antibiotics in a reproducible and timely fashion. This project resulted in a significant improvement in preoperative antibiotic dosing compliance.

Resident Physician Anesthesiologists – Second Place (Tie)

Standardization of the PACU Hand Off Communication Structure and Process

Rajeev Krishnaney-Davison, MD from Cleveland Clinic

Resident Physician Anesthesiologists – Second Place (Tie)

Improving Adherence to Syringe Labeling in the Operating Suite

Danielle Ward, MD from Baylor College of Medicine

Anesthesiologist Assistant Graduate Students – First Place

Use of the SOAP MEE Checklist during Anesthesia Time Out

J. Rogers, K. Bess, E. Kirst, and A. White from Emory University

The project suggested that students in the program who used the SOAP MEE acronym (Suction, Oxygen, Airway, Positioning, Medications, Equipment, EtCO2) were less likely to miss these key components during anesthesia cases and also more likely to correct them in a timely fashion than those students who did not use SOAP MEE.

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists – First Place

Improving Medication Handoff Practices Between Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Nurses and Anesthesia Providers

Lauren Easterbrook, RN, BSN from the Mayo Clinic Nurse Anesthesia Program

After the process described in this video was implemented, post-educational observations showed an 80% increased use of the computer for medication reconciliation, correction of errors in charting at the bedside, and increased mention of home medications.

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists – Second Place

Implementation and Evaluation of Anesthesia Specific Student Intern Setup Tool (ASSIST) Into A Nurse Anesthesia Program

Nick Halford, RN, BSN from Millikin University-Nurse Anesthesia Program