Statement on Industry Relations


  • A major goal of APSF is to assure the development and use of safe medical products.
  • New knowledge and technology cannot contribute to patient safety unless it is adapted to practice, most commonly through the development of commercially available products.
  • The safe design of medical products requires that practicing clinicians provide clinical input to design engineers.
  • Clinicians cannot anticipate nor contribute to safe designs without appropriate information from the medical industry.


  • Close collaboration between practicing clinicians, academic researchers, and the medical industry is critical to advances in patient safety.
  • APSF will strive to create valuable forums and other opportunities for industry representatives to collaborate with each other and with clinicians for the specific purpose of advancing patient safety.
  • APSF will encourage industry to participate in public forums that address important patient safety issues.
  • APSF will disseminate educational materials about medical products, but only when the content is under APSFs editorial control, is impartial, and there is full and appropriate disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest.
  • APSF will not endorse any specific commercial product.
  • At its discretion, APSF may participate in industry sponsored public educational activities when:
    • it involves an important patient safety issue; and
    • the activity meets established ethical standards for academic meetings.
  • APSF may participate in a non-public forum with a for-profit entity when:
    • it involves a compelling patient safety issue;
    • discussions may include proprietary company information;
    • individual APSF members participation is voluntary;
    • no direct compensation to APSF or its individual members is associated with the event; and,
    • there are no apparent conflicts of interest between participating APSF members and the entity.